Friday, October 19, 2012

Playing with nail polish!

I thought I would try to be a little artsy with my nails. Not too bad. Have had some nice compliments! Will have to try something new next week...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photograph of a Wedding Cake made by my Aunt Etta

I was busy going through craft stuff and was sidetracked by some old photos, look what I found!  A photograph of a wedding cake made by my Aunt Etta.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Crocketing" also known as Crocheting

I went to my sweet neighbor's house last night for a visit, Lynn is her name, making me laugh is her fame.  We began discussing crocheting.  She said she had always wanted to learn to crochet.  She called it "crocket".  I told her I had learned when I was little from a lady I stayed with a lot because of my mother's illness.  Aunt Etta was her name.  She crocheted baby doll clothes for my baby dolls and tried teaching me as well.  She also made cakes, lots of them!  Maybe that's why I don't like to bake.  Anyway, Lynn helped me remember those special times with Aunt Etta.  She was a precious lady!

This memory also made me think of my Aunt Rachel.  She also crocheted.  All the nieces, nephews and grandkids would sit and watch her crochet.  Why you ask?  She would light a cigarette, keep it in her mouth, and begin crocheting.  The cigarette would burn all the way up to the filter, and she would never drop an ash!  Pretty amazing, huh?  Smiles.... 

Thanks Lynn for bringing back some great memories!  Those were the days! 

By the way Lynn, I can give a lesson on "crocketing" if you like.  No telling what we'll come up with, but it would be fun trying!  

Until next time!

Lori Lee

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just a listening for the jingling

This is so sweet and reminded me how I need to listen for the bell to follow God's direction.  And if someone needs to hear my bell, that I will have the sense enough to know when to ring it!  God doesn't make junk!  Smiles....

Two Horses
Just up the road from my home is a field, with two horses in it.

From a distance, each horse looks like any other horse.
But if you stop your car, or are walking by, you will notice something
quite amazing....

Looking into the eyes of one horse will disclose that he is blind. His
owner has chosen not to have him put down, but has made a good home for him.

This alone is amazing. If you stand nearby and listen, you will hear the
sound of a bell. Looking around for the source of the sound, you will see
that it comes from the smaller horse in the field.

Attached to the horse's halter is a small bell. It lets the blind friend
know where the other horse is, so he can follow.

As you stand and watch these two friends, you'll see that the horse with
the bell is always checking on the blind horse, and that the blind horse
will listen for the bell and then slowly walk to where the other horse is,
trusting that he will not be led astray.

When the horse with the bell returns to the shelter of the barn each
evening, it stops occasionally and looks back,
Making sure that the blind friend isn't too far behind to hear the bell.

Like the owners of these two horses, God does not throw us away just
because we are not perfect or because we have problems or challenges.

He watches over us and even brings others into our lives
to help us when we are in need..

Sometimes we are the blind horse being guided by the little ringing bell of
those who God places in our lives

Other times we are the guide horse, helping others to find their way....

Good friends are like that... You may not always see them, but you know
they are always there..

Please listen for my bell and I'll listen for yours, and remember...

Be kinder than necessary-
Everyone you meet is fighting
Some kind of battle.

Live simply,
Love generously,

And leave the rest to God.